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Does the venue dictate the wedding flowers?

I was asked a little while ago, ‘does the wedding venue dictate the wedding flowers?’ Initially I had a little trouble getting my head around this question. I would have to though, after thinking long and hard about it, say ‘No, it doesn’t’. It has a part to play, yes, but then there are so many elements to how the wedding day looks and feels that the venue is just one of them. It can’t be the main element. It is a feature of the entire day and often a very important one and can play a part in which flowers are eventually decided upon but I can’t see the venue dictating the flowers directly. I like to think of the wedding venue as the ‘stage’.

The wedding ceremony and ritual, the ‘performance’ the couple tying the knot are the leading performers and the friends and family the rest of the cast. The wedding flowers are the texture, the colour and the thread that binds all of the separate elements together to create a cohesive and memorable wedding day. Each wedding day is different as the cast is always different. Even if the performance and the venue remains the same. Yes, the stately home may be chosen as the couple being married have in their minds a vision of a traditional, romantic or vintage wedding. The boutique hotel chosen for the more modern feel and an outdoor venue for something that bit different. Yet the flowers for any venue have to be borne of the ideas and vision of the bride and groom (or couple) and their florist.

A good florist spends a lot of time with the couple establishing their ‘vision’. A good florist needs to be able to listen and transform sometimes fragile concepts into a floral reality. If the bride and groom or couple have difficulty in establishing a ‘vision’ of their wedding day, then the florist needs to be able to direct and encourage and create the vision by asking questions and listening. So we will look at colours of dresses, shoes, suits. How tall is the bride? As if she’s petite then we can’t get her to carry an enormous bouquet. How will her hair be on the day? If it’s a civil partnership then we can be creative with the way flowers are used or worn or displayed. Often the couple will want to know the meanings and associations of certain blooms, and an experienced florist will know the language of flowers and be able to guide and advise.

The wonderful thing about flowers is that they look amazing in any venue. Their beauty transcends the space in which they inhabit. A brides bouquet always looks that bit more amazing when the florist has understood a bit about the bride and her vision. There’s no doubt that grand traditional roses might look ‘fitting’ in a stately home along with huge candelabra floral arrangements but then so can sunflowers and daisies and smaller arrangements.

The natural beauty and form and presence of flowers, ALL flowers, means that no matter what the venue whether in a stately home, a contemporary setting or even outdoors that they will all look perfect as long as you work with a florist who has creative vision, understanding and an affinity with flowers and people.

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