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Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour Wedding

Looking back on the weddings we have been involved with I remember Annie and Thomas’ big day. Here is my blog on what was a beautiful Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour wedding.
Wheelbirks Wedding Reception

From just a short phone call with Annie I was able to envision what kind of flowers she was after. The fact that the venue and reception were so ‘different’ from others said to me that this bride and groom wanted to bring their own individual personalities to their ceremony and celebration.
Married at the restored Victorian Railway Station ‘The Garden Station’and then reception at Wheelbirks Ice Cream Parlour in Stocksfield, Northumberland. You get an idea from the photographs here just how fitting their choices in venue were. How often do the words Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour wedding get mentioned in the same sentence? Not often I bet.

Garden Station Wedding FlowersAnnie’s dress was an original 1950’s ‘Audrey Hepburn’ style which suited her perfectly. Her bouquet was loose and natural and with touches of yellow. Cream Avalanche Roses, White Lisianthus, Baby’s Breath and greenery. The bright yellow of the Craspedia adding a touch of difference and fun.

Vintage Wedding Bouquet, NewcastleThe red Hypericum berries and the yellow Solidago we carried through to the boutonnieres and corsages and gave a beautiful rustic and natural feel. Boutonnieres we tied with a natural Jute. As you can see it went very well against the navy blue of Thomas’ suit.

Wedding Flowers Newcastle - Groom buttonholeThomas was a very handsome groom and Annie a very beautiful bride.

annie-thomas-wedding-05Annie told me after the wedding that they were able to take pressings from the flowers on the day as a reminder.

One of the most memorable things from the day was working in one of the cow sheds at Wheelbirks while we made up the table arrangements. It was fun and certainly a  very different place to work. The staff at Wheelbirks were very friendly and helpful and served us some gorgeous cake and ice cream before we left.

Wedding Table Flowers, Wheelbirks Parlour

We were honoured to be a part of Annie and Thomas’s wedding day and we wish them both a beautiful, long and happy marriage together.

Garden Station Wedding FlowersGarden Station Wedding FlowersMany thanks to The Twins Weddings Photography for letting us use their beautiful images from the day.

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Wedding Flowers – The Mansion House in Jesmond

A beautiful wedding with beautiful people

Dawn first contacted us by email in November 2013. We had been recommended to her by one of her work colleagues. Almost all of our wedding work comes via recommendations which is good as there is already an element of trust and reputation established. People also have a good idea of the kind of work we do too, so there’s rarely any surprises when we begin to offer ‘creative suggestions’. After only a few ideas passed back and forth by email we had totally ‘got each other’ and the flowers we initially talked about in those few days stayed the flowers we used on her wedding day six months later in May 2014. Dawn by her own admittance, didn’t have much of a clue about what she wanted at first. She just wanted something ‘simple, pretty and in keeping with my colour scheme (navy blue)’. Dawn also wanted something hand-tied and ‘natural’. So I sent through a few suggestions and some images for her to see what she thought. Dawn and Simon were being married in the Mansion House in Jesmond. I’d heard about it but had never been there. I looked up some photographs online of the venue and was impressed. I loved the look of it, all stone built and aching with a reserved grandeur, tucked away down a leafy avenue in Jesmond in Newcastle. I couldn’t wait to have a look inside. Mansion House Jesmond May is good for flowers as it is spring time. It’s the month when the season really steps up a gear and the garden begins to bloom and winter can be forgotten. To achieve the simple, pretty and natural theme I pictured a delicate Waxflower, fresh herbs of Lavender and Rosemary. Simon the groom took a real interest in the flowers too and he liked the ‘green and herby’ ideas and liked the idea of a blue Thistle somewhere in the boutonnieres. On the idea of herbs and Lavender I began to think of the scents associated with special memories. I had just finished reading some research on how some scents can remain in our memories better and longer than images. I loved the idea that a wedding day could be remembered not just through the photographs taken on the day, but also the scent of the flowers on the day! Something you can never achieve from an image. So Stock was added to the list of possible flowers to use. That sweet and pretty scent from a Stock, that makes you close your eyes with a smile and a sigh. Yes, Stock is definitely going in. Now, what to use with a navy blue. Something, pretty, simple, natural and that ties in with the other blooms already on the list. Well, what else could there be, other than the bluest and most beautiful of Delphinium. Delphinium are graceful and detailed and can have the most intense of colour. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - DelphiniumsDawn and Simon had some wonderfully creative ideas for their reception tables. Both being academic and creative they decided to use their favourite old books tied up with string, as a little ‘set’. It had a meangingful and rustic element to it. With just a few blooms as used in the bride and bridesmaids bouquets in simple stylish glass bottles with the books, it had a lovely effect on the reception tables. Sometimes less is more and that was certainly the case here. With the odd petal and flower head lying on the table or a book there was a relaxed natural feel to everything. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers (table arrangements) There was such an ‘artistic element’ to the books and the flowers. It added real intrigue and originality to the ‘set’. Such individuality. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers (table arrangement)Dawn and Simon were delighted with their flowers on the day. Dawn’s bouquet was perfect for her. Both bride and bouquet were delicately beautiful. There was a sweetness about Dawn which was gentle and romantic and innocent. Colourful purity. The bouquet and the bride were made for each other. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding FlowersDawn’s bouquet was tied up with a navy lace and the bridesmaids’ with navy blue organza.

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets

The boutonnieres and corsages were as interesting and original as the people wearing them. All of what we used in these were present in the bouquets and on the tables so there was a ‘joined up’ feel to everything. A flow. The boutonnieres were described by one of the groomsmen as ‘very True Detective’. We took this as a compliment.

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - men's buttonholes

For a vivacious and interesting couple such as Dawn and Simon, these boutonnieres were just perfect. For the men we used the unopened buds of the Delphinium. Tied with a natural rustic jute. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - ladies corsages In the corsages we included Waxflower to match Dawn’s floral crown. To ‘feminize’ we used the flower of the Delphinium and small strands of Aster Daisy. Tied with fine navy organza.We had great fun on the day helping to pin them onto the family and guests. What a great bunch of people. So interesting and kind and complimentary. It was such a warm day (florists nightmare) so we invented our own little ‘aqua packs’ for the boutonnieres and corsages, to keep them fresh and alive. We were pleased with our ingenuity! Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - buttonhole and corsage Here you see the little ‘aqua packs’ we made to keep the boutonnieres and corsages fresh. Cute aren’t they? A few months before the wedding Dawn wondered if it would be possible to have something floral in her hair. We shared some ideas and in the end went for a beautiful handmade fresh Waxflower Crown. I initially made a mock-up and showed it to Dawn for her approval. It was important to get the right amount of flowers. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - waxflower crown I didn’t use the traditional method of wire and tape to create the floral crown as this can make the crown quite bulky and remove a lot of the delicate nature of the flowers. Instead I cut a flexible strand of Cotoneaster bush from our Cosmic Garden to the right length (Dawn had measured her head and sent me the measurements, I hear it caused quite a stir in her office at work when people saw her doing it). The growth on the Cotoneaster is thin, long and flexible and worked as a wonderful crown base. Dawn loved it and it suited her so very well! As you can see. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - waxflower crown The staff at the Mansion House in Jesmond were brilliant. They gave us our own space to arrange the flowers on the tables and get things set up. Bobby the manager and his excellent team could not have been more accommodating and professional. In the morning when Flemming went early to deliver Dawn’s Waxflower Crown to her, Bobby took the time and showed him round the Mansion House. The Mansion House in Jesmond is a wonderful venue. What a great ‘feel’ it has to it. So old and stately but with a comforting feel of happiness and safety. If you have been there, or when you do go there, you will know exactly what I mean! When it came to us decorating the wedding cake of cheeses, the staff kindly showed us to the kitchens and let us stand in the middle of all of their busy preparations for an hour while we painstakingly placed individual flowers and blooms on each tier. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - decorated cheese wedding cakeAmazing right? So different and wonderful. It was an amazing experience for us to be Dawn and Simon’s wedding Florist. From our first initial emails all the way to the big day, it was a delight and a pleasure to work with them and get to know them. To be a part of their creativity and originality and to share some of the excitement and wonder of their important union and celebration. Their family and friends were so lovely too, so friendly and open and warm. In an email after the wedding, Dawn told me that someone had said her flowers were the best wedding flowers they had ever seen. We were so happy to hear that. Happy too, that Laura, one of Dawns bridesmaids is getting married next year and has chosen us to be her wedding Florist! We can’t wait for that. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding FlowersSo here’s to Dawn and Simon and their lovely family and friends. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a special event. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people, in a very beautiful venue x

Thanks also to Dan at for allowing us to use some of your beautiful images!

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - bridal bouquet