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Getting it Wild and on the Right Wavelength

Sabrina emailed me in July 2013. Almost a year before her wedding date which was June 13th 2014. We began sharing ideas and images immediately and it took hardly any time at all before we had each other’s wavelength. We only spoke once on the telephone and we never met face to face until her wedding day. Yet when I look back on it now, I find it hard to believe that we never actually met in person until then as we developed such a bond in the 11 months leading up to the day. I believe that a good florist ‘gets’ her client and I really did ‘get’ Sabrina and I understood her ‘vision’ for her wedding. We communicated a lot, emailing and messaging. Sabrina shared with me all the textures and shades and ‘feel’ that she wanted for her day – it was a delight. It was easy to get glimpses of her sparkling and sweet personality through each little contact we had and by getting glimpses of her persona and her essence, it was easy to decide which flowers to choose for her and Richard, her fiance. The flowers would be youthful, gentle, hopeful and sweet. They would smell like spring time and new beginnings. Wild Flowers.


They would have a wild innocence about them and be loose and full of movement and dance. They will match the pale nude hue of the bridesmaid dresses and compliment the fine fabric and detail of Sabrina’s beautiful wedding dress. And they did. We were getting it wild and on the right wavelength.

bouquet-detail-02So, with Sabrina’s love of small daisies and with her vision clear in my mind, we chose a combination of sweet smelling and gorgeous blooms. We used Lavender which was sweetly scented and the scent went well with the gentle Stocks and Sweet William.


Matriarca Daisies and Astrantia smile together and make such good friends.

bouquets-montageBig wild Meadow daisies and strikingly blue Scabiosa. Pink and White Gypsophelia and fine green Eucalyptus. Wild yet gentle. Vibrant yet subdued. When I saw the flowers all together in the bouquet I thought to myself ‘This is Sabrina’. And I couldn’t wait to get there and show her. When I turned up at her house on her wedding day she was calm and collected and I was as nervous as hell!

brideWe had a few minutes with Sabrina’s family and friends at the house before we had to dash up to Matfen Hall to drop off the buttonholes and do the table arrangements. The house was busy (as wedding mornings tend to be!) and there was a lovely exciting ‘air’. Ladies having their hair and make up done, glasses of Bucks Fizz being clinked in celebration and anticipation. Beautiful dresses hanging up. Sabrina’s dad giving his car a final polish for his little girl’s big day. He was such a lovely man. Made us feel so welcome and we could tell he was so very proud and so excited. He raved about the flowers and we really warmed to him, as we did to the rest of the people at the house.  I gave Sabrina a hug and a kiss and wished her all the best and we were off to Matfen to drop off the buttonholes and corsages and do wonderful things with the venue. In the buttonholes we used Astrantia, Lavender, Scabiosa Pod, unflowered Scabiosa and Gypsophelia. We tied them with natural Jute for the men and organza for the women.

buttonholesThe Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the Brides bouquet. Which as you can see went really well with their gorgeous dresses and shoes. Each of the blooms on the day had a ‘link’ and a flow. From the Bride to the Groom, to the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen, to the Buttonholes and Corsages then onto the tables at the venue and even up on the mantelpiece in the Great Hall. Where Sabrina had collected little cut glass vases which we filled to the brim with wild meadowy flowers.

bridesmaidsOn the dining tables Sabrina had a beautiful collection of individual cut glass vases. Each one different to the next, of various patterns and sizes. It really gave a beautiful feel to the tables and created real individuality and flair. We spent a good few hours arranging the blooms in the vases, making each one special and with care. We decorated the mantelpiece with clouds of Gypsophelia. It was hard work getting the ‘natural look’. It’s harder than you might think. The end result was sublime. classy, elegant, youthful and wild, yet with a hint of English restraint, if that makes sense?


It was a brilliant day. I loved meeting Sabrina and her friends and family. They showed us real affection and made us feel very welcome. The staff at Matfen Hall were very accommodating and didn’t get too stressed out when we had their main hall in a chaotic flurry of flowers and petals. They patiently waited until we were done and tidied up after ourselves with a few minutes to spare. They allowed us to be creative and work the way we like to, so many thanks for that. I can’t thank Kay Vorster from enough for capturing such amazingly beautiful images from the day and allowing us to use them here and on our website. Kay you really ‘wow’d’ us, thank you!

And my thanks and love and very best wishes go to Sabrina and Richard. Thank you for letting me get your wavelength and for allowing me creative licence with your flowers. For letting me be a part of your wedding day and for trusting me to do the right thing. Thanks also for saying I was a ‘flower genius’, it really made me feel happy x


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