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Colour and Wonder at Woodhill Hall

woodhill hall

I will always remember the first email I received from the lovely Charlotte. In the first line she told me of her love of flowers and how she wanted them to be a big part of her wedding day. Her words and descriptions were clear and exciting, exuberant and thrilling. Charlotte explained vibrant Ranunculus, hints of reds and yellows and oranges not usually seen in November. She visioned a style and movement of bride bouquet that was unique to only her. Something original and different, beautiful and colourful. Something  I pictured being ‘just Charlotte’. She hoped it would be possible in November for us to be able to bring in such bright and fresh blooms to her vision.  And so it was with more than a little surprise on first meeting her to find a quiet and beautifully demure woman. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise really, as I am well aware of how flowers and our love of them can prompt us into a creative narrative that we wouldn’t usually expose. Flowers do that to us though, I have found.


So Flemming and I sat with Charlotte and her mum and talked wedding, flowers, families and other things. It was wonderful getting to know them and to learn about their work, their travels and also to find out about the groom, Rupert. Who affectionately came to be known to us as ‘Rupes’. It was important to Charlotte that Rupert have a unique Groom’s buttonhole, similar to the other men’s buttonholes but something ‘wow’. Something bright and significant and special. So, something like ‘Rupert’. In the same way that Charlotte’s bouquet be a floral epitome of her, then so Rupert’s flora be ‘Rupert’. (and it’s people like this who make my job so interesting and creative and fascinating) OK then, it’s November, it’s cold and it’s dark and our brief is for bright, original and fascinating flowers. Let’s get to work!

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-06Charlotte and Rupert’s wedding ceremony was meant to take place in a church in Otterburn but during the bad weather, the roof was damaged. They were married in St Mary’s church in Ponteland instead, which is beautiful. We were asked last minute, to provide pew ends and floral pedestals which we were very happy to do. The night before the wedding, Flemming and I worked in St Mary’s church and spent a beautiful quiet hour or so preparing the pew ends and the pedestals. We carefully tied delicate pink Majolica roses in with Baby’s Breath, Lavender, Craspedia and fine heathers onto the gorgeous wooden pew ends with a fine Ivory Organza.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-04The scents from the herbs and the flowers gently made themselves known as you walked passed each pew end. I knew that Charlotte and Rupert would recognise and love this as they walked down the aisle to their matrimony the following day!

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-05The colourful flowers chosen for Charlotte’s bouquet were bright pink Ranunculus, sweet Pink Avalanche Roses, yellow Craspedia, spray orange Roses, spray white Roses,  delicately scented Mentha and fresh mint, Ammi Majus, Eucalyptus, white and yellow Wild Heathers, Scabiosa pods, Baby’s Breath, white Ranunculus and a beautiful silvery greenery. It was large and with a very natural form and flow. It really was spectacular. Everything that Charlotte had hoped for.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-12The bouquet was so Charlotte! I knew she loved it when I brought it to her on her wedding day. She hugged me. The little Flower Girl Pomanders were loved by the little girls too. The amazing Photographer Katie Lee managed to get a lovely photograph of one of the girls proudly holding up her Pomander. She looks very pleased with it, don’t you agree?

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-08Sweet Pink and Orange Spray Roses, Baby’s Breath, Fresh Lavender and tiny whisps of Wild Heather. So pretty.


Charlotte and Rupert’s Bridesmaids carried a combination of all of the flowers we had already used in the Buttonholes, Corsages, Pomanders, Pew Ends and church arrangements, so there was a lovely ‘flow’ between each bouquet and arrangement. The navy blue French Mousseline used to tie up the Bridesmaid’s bouquets went perfectly with the gorgeous floor length navy dresses they wore.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-14The table arrangements at Woodhill Hall were all made up by Charlotte and her mum. They also decorated the lovely Kilner Jars themselves. All we had to do was drive to Woodhill and drop off the flowers for them the day before the wedding. We were  ‘WOW’d’ by Woodhill Hall. What an amazingly beautiful weddine venue! So impressive and the ideal place for a memorable celebration. We were allowed to have a good look around, inside and out. We didn’t want to leave. Luckily we have more weddings to work with up at Woodhill Hall this year and next and we can’t wait to get back there.


It was an honour and a floral adventure to be involved with Charlotte and Rupert’s wedding. A real privilege. Such a lovely couple with lovely family and friends. We wish you the very best of happiness and love. Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding Florist.

Thank you also to the kind and lovely Katie Lee  whose passion for photography shines through in her amazing images. Such beautiful photographs, THANK YOU ever so much for letting us use them.

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In the Company of Beauty

If I had to pick someone to be my sister, I would pick the beautiful and amazing Amy. I had the pleasure of working as her Wedding Florist for her marriage to Steve at As You Like It in Jesmond. If you blend together kindness, creativity, sparkle, adventure and inner and outer beauty, you end up with Amy. It’s no wonder Steve looked so happy on his wedding day.


Amy first got in touch with us after seeing our van parked outside of where she works. We were making a flower delivery to someone there and she saw our logo, loved it and called us. That’s just the kind of wonderfully spontaneous woman that she is. She sees something that appeals to her fantastic creative side and she acts on it. Her infectiously sparkly personality came through immediately in her emails to me. I just knew we were going to get along and this was going to be a wonderful wedding for flowers. I was right.


So Flemming and I met up with Amy and Amy’s mum Jackie at the Marriott to drink coffee and talk about wedding flowers. It was clear to see where Amy inherited her charm and beauty from as Jackie is so lovey too. Being in the company of these two women is being in the company of beauty. Afterwards, me and Flemming agreed that we felt like we had just met with family or really good friends while we were with Amy and Jackie. We felt loved and cared for and a lovely connection. We still feel that connection today even though the wedding is a few months passed now.

Amy’s creative eloquence meant she explained her vision clearly and easily to me. I picked up her wavelength quickly and within minutes we were sharing the same vision. She’s a creative at heart and spent a lot of time making up the prettiest little jars and containers for her venue tables. There were fine lace and ribbons and cute little buttons that all went together so well for her vintage style and sweet little containers. They were perfect for the setting in As You Like It, which has a rustic, grand and appealing feel to the place.

I know, I haven’t even mentioned the flowers we used yet! I’ve been too busy raving about the people in this blog. So onto the flowers. Well, for the beautiful effect that Amy was after in her bouquet we used pale lilac and sweet pink Avalanche Roses. White Lisianthus and a lilac heather. Also in there is white Phlox, Ammi Majus and baby blue Eucalyptus. Little hits of pink Astilbe, fresh Mint and Lavender. Amy asked for a single white Cala Lily in there too as a special sentimental memory of a loved one.

Amy B's Bridal Bouquet

It was an over sized and stunning bouquet with lots of natural flow and movement. Bound with a natural burlap and covered in a cotton lace that I painstakingly hand-stitched on. When I made up Amy’s bouquet I couldn’t wait for her to see it as I knew it was exactly what she had dreamed of. I remember texting her the night before her wedding telling her how excited I was to see everything come together.

For buttonholes, Amy wanted little sweet sprigs of baby’s Breath tied with natural jute for the men and a fine ivory French Mousseline for the women. The effect was lovely as you can see.



Wrist Corsages for the Bridesmaids were pale pink Roses, Baby’s Breath and Eucalyptus. The sweetest Flower Girl carried a neat little floral Pomander using a mixture of all of the flowers already used in the Bouquets, Buttonholes and Wrist Corsages. The flowers and hues and textures all went so well with the rich colour of the Bridesmaid dresses. It was perfect.


The whole experience of working with Amy and then coming to know her has been one of love and creativity. Amy and her gorgeous family exude so much love and kindness and this makes every one of them so beautiful. The love that Amy and Steve share is so clear to see.

wedding-flowers-vintage-as-you-like-it-07So here’s to an amazing couple and an amazing family. Thank you for allowing us the wonderful pleasure of being able to be a part of your wedding day. Thank you for your kindness and affection and for making us feel so cared for and appreciated. Very special folks. May your hearts always be filled with the true love you have for one another and may you live long, adventurous and happy lives. Sue & Flemming x

wedding-flowers-vintage-as-you-like-it-10Many thanks to the ever professional and experienced Phil Smith for allowing us to use his images for this blog.

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