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Feathers, Taupes and Blues at Horton Grange

Kat first contacted me in July 2014 via email. This is what she wrote: ‘Hi Sue, we get married on January 31st 2015 in Horton Grange and are looking for a florist for the day. For me, the flowers are a really important part of the day and I’m finding it hard to envisage what I want. But I really like the photo’s on your website! If you are available on that date, would you be be able to look at some ideas with me please?’

Well, It’s always such a treat for me to hear that someone wishes flowers to be an important part of their day! For me, flowers are the important part of my every day, so I totally related to Kat. I asked her to send me through more information about herself and the person she was about to marry and Kat replied with such amazing detail that I felt I knew her and David instantly. She mentioned their work, their tastes in music and their personalities. How they met and the things they enjoyed doing together. It was an enjoyable and informative read and it was because of this detail about them that I was able to build up a clear picture in my mind about what flowers in January we could use to reflect their style and personalities. The one thing that Kat was sure of from the beginning was that she liked the idea of using Guinea Fowl feathers in the flowers. Now this I liked! Here was a woman who wasn’t afraid to mix it up a bit! I knew that working with Kat towards her wedding day flowers was going to be fun and exciting and not without some interesting challenges.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-01After we shared some visuals, Kat decided that she wanted to keep the flower colours to Blues, Taupes and Creams. She wanted something different but also beautiful. Something out of the ordinary but not too ‘odd’. Something that linked together her dress colour and fabric, David’s suit colour and also would work onto the reception tables. She hoped for something special in her hair into which she could tie a piece of meaningful and sentimental jewelry. She wanted special buttonholes, something original and exciting and she hoped that her reception tables would be something else too. So here’s what we came up with:

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-04Working with the brief of blues, taupes and creams I began to imagine Kat’s Bridal Bouquet. It would have been fairly easy to just get some nice cream roses to use as the main feature in the bouquet but where’s the ‘something different’ in that? Well, nowhere. Knowing that the only blue roses I could have sourced would have been artificially coloured with dye (I’m not keen on fake colours or flowers) I decided that I would find a taupe rose. The Amnesia Rose! They are not coloured or treated, they are indeed naturally a brownish colour. They do however have a tendency to be quite pink depending on the grower so I was relieved to find THE perfect taupe colour Amnesia. For the ‘blue’ I was lucky to come across a local grower who would have blue Anemones in January. This was a stroke of luck. I also used some blue Thistle in the bouquet. For the creams I used British Stock (again, lucky to have it in January but it hadn’t been such a bad winter) and the reliable Cream Avalanche Rose. A few Scabiosa Pods here and there, some beautiful Pussy Willow, a touch of greenery and then the piece de resistance, Guinea Fowl Feathers! I tied the bouquet with natural Burlap and then Lace.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-02Flower Girls had cute miniature versions of Kat’s Bridal bouquet, also tied up with Burlap and Lace. For their floral hair pieces I used Cream Spray Roses, Gypsophelia, Eucalyptus and small Guinea Fowl Feathers. I added some Gyp into their little bouquets to tie in with their floral hair pieces. In Kat’s floral hair clip I used larger feathers, Scabiosa, Eucalyptus and cream Stock.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-07For the Reception tables we created individual ‘sets’ for each table using Vintage tablewear that both Kat and I had collected. We used the same flowers as had been used in the bouquets and buttonholes and wrist corsages and added in Blue Iris and some amazing Dutch Blue Orchids which had the most exquisite patterns in it. I would find things in antique shops that I thought would be perfect for the tables and send Kat a photo and it always made me happy when she would reply with ‘Perfect! I love them’. We were such a good team.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-08We introduced walnuts and pebbles into the table sets to give it a nice balance of ‘difference’ and ‘class’.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-05I absolutely loved working on this wedding. It was a day full of all types of beauty. Kat allowed me a great deal of creative licence and I am very grateful to her for trusting me so much and letting me share her amazing day with her and also the special times leading up to her day. Afterwards, we both agreed that we felt so sad that the wedding was over. I do know that Kat and David are preserving as many of their flowers as they can. They also have 2 small trees to plant in their garden at home which we provided and embellished with feathers for them at the entrance of Horton Grange. I hope those 2 little trees grow well and remind Kat and David of their beautiful and memorable wedding day.

Many thanks to Andy Hudson for letting us use his photographs. Andy is a truly nice guy and an excellent photographer. Visit Andy’s website to see more of his amazing work

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