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Summer Wedding at Doxford Hall

Lesley and Barry’s Summer Wedding at Doxford Hall is one that I won’t ever forget. In fact, I shall never forget these two lovely people as they are thankfully now part of my world. I’ve been thinking about what I will write for Lesley’s wedding blog for a long while now. There is so much detail and interest that I could probably write a lot, so it’s with a hope of real restraint that I begin this blog.

Getting to know Lesley was very much like finding a lost friend or family member. Within just a few minutes of speaking to each other we connected. It was an amazing thing to experience. She was very good at explaining her vision to me and it was clear to me that Lesley was a most creative woman with sophisticated taste. She also has a wonderful handle on the world. A good soul. She is full of love, genuine warmth and kindness even though there may have been times in her life when the world may not have been so kind or loving to her. Lesley is a diamond, a testament to strong, loyal and honest people. She’s inspirational. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned yet that she is BEAUTIFUL. Really beautiful! You will look at these wedding photo’s and see her beauty and I hope you get to meet her one day because being in her company is where you feel the beauty of her soul and her heart and her personality.


So, back to the wedding blog – Lesley and Barry were married at the beautiful Doxford Hall in Northumberland on a summers day last year. Everything about this wedding was classy. There were close family members who were too poorly to attend which was sad, but Lesley and Barry made sure that they were still included in the gifts and flowers and everyone’s thoughts. That’s the kind of lovely people they are.

Lesley had quite a search for her perfect wedding dress. As you can see, she found it and it was worth the searching and the wait for her. It was perfect. Such beautiful detail, it was made for her.

lesley window

When she first talked about wedding flowers, Lesley knew the colours she was after. Strong and vibrant and just a little bit different. We shared many images and ideas and the Mango Calla Lilies were always in the picture. The touches of bright purple Statis went so well with the Lilies and the unusual orangey reds of the Protea added a lovely edge to everything. The strong fresh green of the Bells of Ireland (Moluccella laevis) bringing a further level of difference and interest. Lesley’s bouquet was a bold and sophisticated statement with a smaller one for her beautiful daughter Gemma. The colours and the textures worked so well, it was stunning.

lesley and gemma

I knew that Lesley was pleased with her flowers as when we delivered them on the morning of her wedding, she cried. She really cried and so did I. She was so happy. It was a beautiful day. The sun shone and there was a wonderful feeling of love and happy anticipation in the air.


Buttonholes were bright and eye catching and went really well with the gorgeous blue of the suits. I love the colour of the blue of the suits. Barry looked very handsome and proud on his wedding day. His face so full of love and happiness and excitement.


Place settings were a joint effort. Lesley put so much time and creativity into making things personal for her wedding day. She had little wooden heart shapes made with her and Barry’s names on, with the date of their wedding and the name of the guest. Little keepsakes for guests to take away with them. Delicate sprigs of heather and colour on each, against the crisp white of the table linen brought real elegance to the celebration.

place settings

Table arrangements were placed down the centre with all of the blooms used in the bouquets and buttonholes. They brought colour and vibrance and a lovely sense of celebration to the day.

table arrangements

I made a matching cake topper for the wedding cake. In this I added some pretty white Bouvardia to match the wonderful icing work on the cake and the fine pearl and beaded detail on Lesley’s dress.


Lesley and Barry invited Flemming and I to the wedding meal. We were honoured to be offered and if we had not been so limited for time we would have gladly accepted. It would have been like attending a family members wedding. We are definitely inviting them both to our wedding (when we get around to it!)

bouquet shot

I wish I could put ALL of the wedding photo’s into this blog. They are all so gorgeous. It was an honour to be involved in Lesley and Barry’s wedding day. You can tell they are SO in love with each other can’t you? So, here’s to Lesley and Barry. THANK YOU for asking us to be your wedding florist. We loved every second of it and cherish the time we worked with you. Your day was so beautiful that it got us thinking about our own wedding and how we would like it to be similar in style and vibrance. May your love grow stronger every day and may your lives together be filled with wonder and happiness. You amazing and beautiful people x

money shot couple

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