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Steph & Ted’s Cool and Arty Wedding Day

Cool Couple – Steph & Ted at the Laing Art Gallery

A wedding at the Laing Art Gallery

When I heard that Steph and Ted’s wedding ceremony was going to be at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle I knew I would love working with them for their wedding flowers as Art was my passion before flowers were. I studied art in Newcastle College of Art and then at Leeds Polytechnic (back before it was all done on computers) and so to have my artistic creations in the same room as some of my great artist heros was such a buzz for me.

Individual hair florals for the maids

Lovely to work with

Steph was a dream to work with because her communications with me were always up-beat and excited. I couldn’t help but be affected in the nicest way by her friendliness and enthusiasm. She expressed her vision very well to me and also gave me quite a bit of creative reign which I appreciated very much as it shows real trust from a client. Steph was excellent at portraying visual concepts in her words as well as sharing actual visuals with me.

Unusual and pretty hair florals for Steph and her maids

With a love of foliage and succulents and a favourite colour of green, it was refreshing to take ideas forward with Steph, who by her own admittance didn’t know much about flowers yet had a great eye for picking out interesting floral styles that appealed to her. She was a florist’s dream and owned such style and a very cool edge to everything she liked. And as a result our creative journey was such good fun for us both.

Bridesmaid hair florals

Steph first contacted me in September 2015 which was almost a year before her wedding. The more we communicated, the more we got to know each other better. Steph and Ted got engaged at Glastonbury in 2015 and knowing this made me realise that they were a cool couple with a love of music and a sense of adventure and romance and they were.

Steph and her bouquet in the wedding car

Brilliant Photography

Vikki Kate at Tawny Photography was their photographer for the day and ‘amazing’ does not come close to describing her work. Vikki Kate has an element to her photography that combines depth and poetry with a  hint of beauty and intrigue. She really is someone to watch out for. I got to know Vikki Kate through this wedding and she has commissioned me to work as her own Wedding Florist this September 2017 therefore I am truly honoured.

The Ceremony. William Holman Hunt and Cosmic Flower Shop in the same room

It was immense fun creating the floral piece for the ceremony room because it was right in front one of my favourite paintings by William Holman Hunt – ‘Isabella and the pot of basil’. I actually designed this ceremony floral to compliment this painting and work with the rest of Steph and Ted’s flowers.

Morning of the Wedding and everyone is excited by their flowers

Thank You

Lastly, not only were Steph and Ted lovely to work with, their family and friends were amazing people too. I think nice people attract nice people. In the room at Mal Maison on the morning of the wedding when we went to deliver the flowers, the atmosphere was electric and full of happiness and love and smiles. What an amazing culmination of our journey. There were real tears of happiness that morning. I won’t ever forget Steph and Ted’s totally cool and very beautiful wedding. I am so very thankful. Thank you, thank you x

Big hugs






Summer Wedding at Doxford Hall

Lesley and Barry’s Summer Wedding at Doxford Hall is one that I won’t ever forget. In fact, I shall never forget these two lovely people as they are thankfully now part of my world. I’ve been thinking about what I will write for Lesley’s wedding blog for a long while now. There is so much detail and interest that I could probably write a lot, so it’s with a hope of real restraint that I begin this blog.

Getting to know Lesley was very much like finding a lost friend or family member. Within just a few minutes of speaking to each other we connected. It was an amazing thing to experience. She was very good at explaining her vision to me and it was clear to me that Lesley was a most creative woman with sophisticated taste. She also has a wonderful handle on the world. A good soul. She is full of love, genuine warmth and kindness even though there may have been times in her life when the world may not have been so kind or loving to her. Lesley is a diamond, a testament to strong, loyal and honest people. She’s inspirational. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned yet that she is BEAUTIFUL. Really beautiful! You will look at these wedding photo’s and see her beauty and I hope you get to meet her one day because being in her company is where you feel the beauty of her soul and her heart and her personality.


So, back to the wedding blog – Lesley and Barry were married at the beautiful Doxford Hall in Northumberland on a summers day last year. Everything about this wedding was classy. There were close family members who were too poorly to attend which was sad, but Lesley and Barry made sure that they were still included in the gifts and flowers and everyone’s thoughts. That’s the kind of lovely people they are.

Lesley had quite a search for her perfect wedding dress. As you can see, she found it and it was worth the searching and the wait for her. It was perfect. Such beautiful detail, it was made for her.

lesley window

When she first talked about wedding flowers, Lesley knew the colours she was after. Strong and vibrant and just a little bit different. We shared many images and ideas and the Mango Calla Lilies were always in the picture. The touches of bright purple Statis went so well with the Lilies and the unusual orangey reds of the Protea added a lovely edge to everything. The strong fresh green of the Bells of Ireland (Moluccella laevis) bringing a further level of difference and interest. Lesley’s bouquet was a bold and sophisticated statement with a smaller one for her beautiful daughter Gemma. The colours and the textures worked so well, it was stunning.

lesley and gemma

I knew that Lesley was pleased with her flowers as when we delivered them on the morning of her wedding, she cried. She really cried and so did I. She was so happy. It was a beautiful day. The sun shone and there was a wonderful feeling of love and happy anticipation in the air.


Buttonholes were bright and eye catching and went really well with the gorgeous blue of the suits. I love the colour of the blue of the suits. Barry looked very handsome and proud on his wedding day. His face so full of love and happiness and excitement.


Place settings were a joint effort. Lesley put so much time and creativity into making things personal for her wedding day. She had little wooden heart shapes made with her and Barry’s names on, with the date of their wedding and the name of the guest. Little keepsakes for guests to take away with them. Delicate sprigs of heather and colour on each, against the crisp white of the table linen brought real elegance to the celebration.

place settings

Table arrangements were placed down the centre with all of the blooms used in the bouquets and buttonholes. They brought colour and vibrance and a lovely sense of celebration to the day.

table arrangements

I made a matching cake topper for the wedding cake. In this I added some pretty white Bouvardia to match the wonderful icing work on the cake and the fine pearl and beaded detail on Lesley’s dress.


Lesley and Barry invited Flemming and I to the wedding meal. We were honoured to be offered and if we had not been so limited for time we would have gladly accepted. It would have been like attending a family members wedding. We are definitely inviting them both to our wedding (when we get around to it!)

bouquet shot

I wish I could put ALL of the wedding photo’s into this blog. They are all so gorgeous. It was an honour to be involved in Lesley and Barry’s wedding day. You can tell they are SO in love with each other can’t you? So, here’s to Lesley and Barry. THANK YOU for asking us to be your wedding florist. We loved every second of it and cherish the time we worked with you. Your day was so beautiful that it got us thinking about our own wedding and how we would like it to be similar in style and vibrance. May your love grow stronger every day and may your lives together be filled with wonder and happiness. You amazing and beautiful people x

money shot couple

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Feathers, Taupes and Blues at Horton Grange

Kat first contacted me in July 2014 via email. This is what she wrote: ‘Hi Sue, we get married on January 31st 2015 in Horton Grange and are looking for a florist for the day. For me, the flowers are a really important part of the day and I’m finding it hard to envisage what I want. But I really like the photo’s on your website! If you are available on that date, would you be be able to look at some ideas with me please?’

Well, It’s always such a treat for me to hear that someone wishes flowers to be an important part of their day! For me, flowers are the important part of my every day, so I totally related to Kat. I asked her to send me through more information about herself and the person she was about to marry and Kat replied with such amazing detail that I felt I knew her and David instantly. She mentioned their work, their tastes in music and their personalities. How they met and the things they enjoyed doing together. It was an enjoyable and informative read and it was because of this detail about them that I was able to build up a clear picture in my mind about what flowers in January we could use to reflect their style and personalities. The one thing that Kat was sure of from the beginning was that she liked the idea of using Guinea Fowl feathers in the flowers. Now this I liked! Here was a woman who wasn’t afraid to mix it up a bit! I knew that working with Kat towards her wedding day flowers was going to be fun and exciting and not without some interesting challenges.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-01After we shared some visuals, Kat decided that she wanted to keep the flower colours to Blues, Taupes and Creams. She wanted something different but also beautiful. Something out of the ordinary but not too ‘odd’. Something that linked together her dress colour and fabric, David’s suit colour and also would work onto the reception tables. She hoped for something special in her hair into which she could tie a piece of meaningful and sentimental jewelry. She wanted special buttonholes, something original and exciting and she hoped that her reception tables would be something else too. So here’s what we came up with:

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-04Working with the brief of blues, taupes and creams I began to imagine Kat’s Bridal Bouquet. It would have been fairly easy to just get some nice cream roses to use as the main feature in the bouquet but where’s the ‘something different’ in that? Well, nowhere. Knowing that the only blue roses I could have sourced would have been artificially coloured with dye (I’m not keen on fake colours or flowers) I decided that I would find a taupe rose. The Amnesia Rose! They are not coloured or treated, they are indeed naturally a brownish colour. They do however have a tendency to be quite pink depending on the grower so I was relieved to find THE perfect taupe colour Amnesia. For the ‘blue’ I was lucky to come across a local grower who would have blue Anemones in January. This was a stroke of luck. I also used some blue Thistle in the bouquet. For the creams I used British Stock (again, lucky to have it in January but it hadn’t been such a bad winter) and the reliable Cream Avalanche Rose. A few Scabiosa Pods here and there, some beautiful Pussy Willow, a touch of greenery and then the piece de resistance, Guinea Fowl Feathers! I tied the bouquet with natural Burlap and then Lace.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-02Flower Girls had cute miniature versions of Kat’s Bridal bouquet, also tied up with Burlap and Lace. For their floral hair pieces I used Cream Spray Roses, Gypsophelia, Eucalyptus and small Guinea Fowl Feathers. I added some Gyp into their little bouquets to tie in with their floral hair pieces. In Kat’s floral hair clip I used larger feathers, Scabiosa, Eucalyptus and cream Stock.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-07For the Reception tables we created individual ‘sets’ for each table using Vintage tablewear that both Kat and I had collected. We used the same flowers as had been used in the bouquets and buttonholes and wrist corsages and added in Blue Iris and some amazing Dutch Blue Orchids which had the most exquisite patterns in it. I would find things in antique shops that I thought would be perfect for the tables and send Kat a photo and it always made me happy when she would reply with ‘Perfect! I love them’. We were such a good team.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-08We introduced walnuts and pebbles into the table sets to give it a nice balance of ‘difference’ and ‘class’.

wedding-flowers-winter-blue-taupe-2015-05I absolutely loved working on this wedding. It was a day full of all types of beauty. Kat allowed me a great deal of creative licence and I am very grateful to her for trusting me so much and letting me share her amazing day with her and also the special times leading up to her day. Afterwards, we both agreed that we felt so sad that the wedding was over. I do know that Kat and David are preserving as many of their flowers as they can. They also have 2 small trees to plant in their garden at home which we provided and embellished with feathers for them at the entrance of Horton Grange. I hope those 2 little trees grow well and remind Kat and David of their beautiful and memorable wedding day.

Many thanks to Andy Hudson for letting us use his photographs. Andy is a truly nice guy and an excellent photographer. Visit Andy’s website to see more of his amazing work

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Colour and Wonder at Woodhill Hall

woodhill hall

I will always remember the first email I received from the lovely Charlotte. In the first line she told me of her love of flowers and how she wanted them to be a big part of her wedding day. Her words and descriptions were clear and exciting, exuberant and thrilling. Charlotte explained vibrant Ranunculus, hints of reds and yellows and oranges not usually seen in November. She visioned a style and movement of bride bouquet that was unique to only her. Something original and different, beautiful and colourful. Something  I pictured being ‘just Charlotte’. She hoped it would be possible in November for us to be able to bring in such bright and fresh blooms to her vision.  And so it was with more than a little surprise on first meeting her to find a quiet and beautifully demure woman. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise really, as I am well aware of how flowers and our love of them can prompt us into a creative narrative that we wouldn’t usually expose. Flowers do that to us though, I have found.


So Flemming and I sat with Charlotte and her mum and talked wedding, flowers, families and other things. It was wonderful getting to know them and to learn about their work, their travels and also to find out about the groom, Rupert. Who affectionately came to be known to us as ‘Rupes’. It was important to Charlotte that Rupert have a unique Groom’s buttonhole, similar to the other men’s buttonholes but something ‘wow’. Something bright and significant and special. So, something like ‘Rupert’. In the same way that Charlotte’s bouquet be a floral epitome of her, then so Rupert’s flora be ‘Rupert’. (and it’s people like this who make my job so interesting and creative and fascinating) OK then, it’s November, it’s cold and it’s dark and our brief is for bright, original and fascinating flowers. Let’s get to work!

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-06Charlotte and Rupert’s wedding ceremony was meant to take place in a church in Otterburn but during the bad weather, the roof was damaged. They were married in St Mary’s church in Ponteland instead, which is beautiful. We were asked last minute, to provide pew ends and floral pedestals which we were very happy to do. The night before the wedding, Flemming and I worked in St Mary’s church and spent a beautiful quiet hour or so preparing the pew ends and the pedestals. We carefully tied delicate pink Majolica roses in with Baby’s Breath, Lavender, Craspedia and fine heathers onto the gorgeous wooden pew ends with a fine Ivory Organza.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-04The scents from the herbs and the flowers gently made themselves known as you walked passed each pew end. I knew that Charlotte and Rupert would recognise and love this as they walked down the aisle to their matrimony the following day!

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-05The colourful flowers chosen for Charlotte’s bouquet were bright pink Ranunculus, sweet Pink Avalanche Roses, yellow Craspedia, spray orange Roses, spray white Roses,  delicately scented Mentha and fresh mint, Ammi Majus, Eucalyptus, white and yellow Wild Heathers, Scabiosa pods, Baby’s Breath, white Ranunculus and a beautiful silvery greenery. It was large and with a very natural form and flow. It really was spectacular. Everything that Charlotte had hoped for.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-12The bouquet was so Charlotte! I knew she loved it when I brought it to her on her wedding day. She hugged me. The little Flower Girl Pomanders were loved by the little girls too. The amazing Photographer Katie Lee managed to get a lovely photograph of one of the girls proudly holding up her Pomander. She looks very pleased with it, don’t you agree?

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-08Sweet Pink and Orange Spray Roses, Baby’s Breath, Fresh Lavender and tiny whisps of Wild Heather. So pretty.


Charlotte and Rupert’s Bridesmaids carried a combination of all of the flowers we had already used in the Buttonholes, Corsages, Pomanders, Pew Ends and church arrangements, so there was a lovely ‘flow’ between each bouquet and arrangement. The navy blue French Mousseline used to tie up the Bridesmaid’s bouquets went perfectly with the gorgeous floor length navy dresses they wore.

charlotte-rupert-woodhill-2014-14The table arrangements at Woodhill Hall were all made up by Charlotte and her mum. They also decorated the lovely Kilner Jars themselves. All we had to do was drive to Woodhill and drop off the flowers for them the day before the wedding. We were  ‘WOW’d’ by Woodhill Hall. What an amazingly beautiful weddine venue! So impressive and the ideal place for a memorable celebration. We were allowed to have a good look around, inside and out. We didn’t want to leave. Luckily we have more weddings to work with up at Woodhill Hall this year and next and we can’t wait to get back there.


It was an honour and a floral adventure to be involved with Charlotte and Rupert’s wedding. A real privilege. Such a lovely couple with lovely family and friends. We wish you the very best of happiness and love. Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding Florist.

Thank you also to the kind and lovely Katie Lee  whose passion for photography shines through in her amazing images. Such beautiful photographs, THANK YOU ever so much for letting us use them.

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In the Company of Beauty

If I had to pick someone to be my sister, I would pick the beautiful and amazing Amy. I had the pleasure of working as her Wedding Florist for her marriage to Steve at As You Like It in Jesmond. If you blend together kindness, creativity, sparkle, adventure and inner and outer beauty, you end up with Amy. It’s no wonder Steve looked so happy on his wedding day.


Amy first got in touch with us after seeing our van parked outside of where she works. We were making a flower delivery to someone there and she saw our logo, loved it and called us. That’s just the kind of wonderfully spontaneous woman that she is. She sees something that appeals to her fantastic creative side and she acts on it. Her infectiously sparkly personality came through immediately in her emails to me. I just knew we were going to get along and this was going to be a wonderful wedding for flowers. I was right.


So Flemming and I met up with Amy and Amy’s mum Jackie at the Marriott to drink coffee and talk about wedding flowers. It was clear to see where Amy inherited her charm and beauty from as Jackie is so lovey too. Being in the company of these two women is being in the company of beauty. Afterwards, me and Flemming agreed that we felt like we had just met with family or really good friends while we were with Amy and Jackie. We felt loved and cared for and a lovely connection. We still feel that connection today even though the wedding is a few months passed now.

Amy’s creative eloquence meant she explained her vision clearly and easily to me. I picked up her wavelength quickly and within minutes we were sharing the same vision. She’s a creative at heart and spent a lot of time making up the prettiest little jars and containers for her venue tables. There were fine lace and ribbons and cute little buttons that all went together so well for her vintage style and sweet little containers. They were perfect for the setting in As You Like It, which has a rustic, grand and appealing feel to the place.

I know, I haven’t even mentioned the flowers we used yet! I’ve been too busy raving about the people in this blog. So onto the flowers. Well, for the beautiful effect that Amy was after in her bouquet we used pale lilac and sweet pink Avalanche Roses. White Lisianthus and a lilac heather. Also in there is white Phlox, Ammi Majus and baby blue Eucalyptus. Little hits of pink Astilbe, fresh Mint and Lavender. Amy asked for a single white Cala Lily in there too as a special sentimental memory of a loved one.

Amy B's Bridal Bouquet

It was an over sized and stunning bouquet with lots of natural flow and movement. Bound with a natural burlap and covered in a cotton lace that I painstakingly hand-stitched on. When I made up Amy’s bouquet I couldn’t wait for her to see it as I knew it was exactly what she had dreamed of. I remember texting her the night before her wedding telling her how excited I was to see everything come together.

For buttonholes, Amy wanted little sweet sprigs of baby’s Breath tied with natural jute for the men and a fine ivory French Mousseline for the women. The effect was lovely as you can see.



Wrist Corsages for the Bridesmaids were pale pink Roses, Baby’s Breath and Eucalyptus. The sweetest Flower Girl carried a neat little floral Pomander using a mixture of all of the flowers already used in the Bouquets, Buttonholes and Wrist Corsages. The flowers and hues and textures all went so well with the rich colour of the Bridesmaid dresses. It was perfect.


The whole experience of working with Amy and then coming to know her has been one of love and creativity. Amy and her gorgeous family exude so much love and kindness and this makes every one of them so beautiful. The love that Amy and Steve share is so clear to see.

wedding-flowers-vintage-as-you-like-it-07So here’s to an amazing couple and an amazing family. Thank you for allowing us the wonderful pleasure of being able to be a part of your wedding day. Thank you for your kindness and affection and for making us feel so cared for and appreciated. Very special folks. May your hearts always be filled with the true love you have for one another and may you live long, adventurous and happy lives. Sue & Flemming x

wedding-flowers-vintage-as-you-like-it-10Many thanks to the ever professional and experienced Phil Smith for allowing us to use his images for this blog.

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Two Brides and a Lighthouse

It was purely by chance that we were able to help Amy and Thea with their wedding flowers. Flemming and I had tried to book ourselves a relaxing weekend away by the sea during August but we couldn’t find anything. So just when we were wondering what we should do and were feeling a little despondent about having a prime weekend free in August, I got an email from Amy asking if we were free to be her wedding Florist on that exact weekend! When she explained that the ceremony was taking place in St Mary’s Lighthouse and the reception would be overlooking the sea, I said a big YES. I saw it as a sign! We had kept that weekend free in the hope of spending some time by the sea and sure enough, here it was happening. Not quite how we had imagined it, as it was a million times more fun.


So much care and consideration had already gone into the planning of Amy and Thea’s wedding before I became involved with the flowers. They had thoughtfully sought special items that reflected their individuality and own personalities. They chose their rings, their dresses, their cars, ribbons, shoes and other unique and important details with a focus and clarity I had not seen many times before. Every beautiful, colourful thing and idea they shared with me through images. It was a delight. I never met them until the day of their wedding but because they had shared so many visuals with me, I felt I knew them well a long time before.


Amy had a firm idea of how she wanted the bouquets to look. She hoped for Succulents along with Peony and Roses. Colour, texture, difference and youth. They were to be similar but different. This was a challenge I couldn’t refuse. I had never worked with Succulents in a bouquet before as they have no stems. They just sit atop the earth like Cactus do. So, I set to work. First of all finding the right sized Succulents proved interesting. The actual ‘head’ of a succulent ranges from a small golf ball size to a large hand size. I needed something in between if it were to match the other blooms in the bouquet. I had no idea at that point how I would actually combine it into the bouquets since there was no stem, I just HAD to find the Succulents first. A grower in Yorkshire had just what I was after so I drove down to pick them up. They were perfect! I ended up buying a tray of 24 of them and I’m growing the ones I didn’t use in the bouquets in the Cosmic Garden! Just in case I need them again next year.


So then I set about experimenting how to create a stem for a Succulent so that it could be used in a bouquet. I tried natural stems to begin with but the flower glue didn’t want to work with this method. It stuck a bit, but not enough to make me feel certain that it wouldn’t come flying off during the ceremony or during the photographs! In the end I found the perfect solution but I’m keeping it a closely guarded secret as it took me so long to find it. I think I will patent it haha.

When I found out that Katie Byram was the photographer I was so excited! I knew that these 2 Bride Bouquets were going to be something else and I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s images of them. I had been right to be excited about seeing the photographs. Amazing!

The gorgeous brightly coloured ribbons used are what Amy and Thea chose themselves. They went so well with the flowers and with everything else. These two women have a very creative eye and you can see from the photographs that everything they chose for their wedding day was stunning, original and WOW!


I’m so pleased that I didn’t get booked up to go away the weekend that Amy and Thea were married as I would never have got to know them and help be a part of what was such a happy and colourful and beautiful day. Two beautiful women, inside and out. May your lives together always be filled with those special elements of colour and joy and fun and may your love grow ever deep and transcend the sea itself.


Many thanks to the amazing Katie Byram for taking such gorgeous photographs of the flowers and for allowing me to use them. You captured a beautiful day, thank you x

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Quirky Summer Sweetness & Vintage English Cute

I hope that one day everyone gets the chance to meet Nikki. She’s unforgettable and she is sweeter and cuter than a big box of kittens!

Nikki first contacted me in October 2013. She came across our website and liked how it seemed a ‘bit different’ to other florists and so she got in touch. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I loved sharing ideas and images with her for the 10 months leading up to her wedding in early August 2014.


We met early in the new year at the Marriott in Gosforth. My first sight of Nikki was her sipping from the most enormous mug of hot chocolate which was towering with cream and marshmallows! A huge beaming smile on her lovely bright face. The epitome of sweetness and delight. The reason I say that I hope you get to meet Nikki is because she has this beaming smile on her face all of the time and it makes you automatically smile back in return! She radiates happiness and energy in the most beautiful way. That first meeting was such a happy buzz and the idea of reds, whites and blues with a quirky vintage English feel was a challenge we decided we would not only meet but exceed!


Nikki’s wedding dress was House of Mooshki and was just MADE for her. It was classy, stylish, sweet and stunning. There was no better wedding dress ever for a bride. Her gorgeous bridesmaids wore the palest of blue in a soft flowing fabric. Nikki always said she wanted the reddest and most perfect of roses in her bride bouquet, with a little green. We worked together on the shape of her bouquet – how it should be almost ‘formal’ but not quite. How it should have a little quirky something else to it. Flemming and I managed to source the most amazing Naomi Roses which we conditioned and attended to for a good few days before Nikki’s wedding. We gave them food and water and space in the studio so that they would be in full bloom or ‘blown’ as we Florists call it. It was like looking after a new born baby! Checking every couple of hours to make sure the roses were ok and opening up and the right temperature. It’s been a warm summer and although this is wonderful for wedding days – it’s not brilliant for the Florist who needs to keep the blooms at a nice cool temperature.


Nikki chose white and also pale blue Hydrangea, fully blown Ivory Peony and Raspberry two-tone Avalanche Roses for her bridesmaids. The effect was beautifully understated and complimented the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. They also contrasted wonderfully with Nikki’s stunning red rose bouquet and with her cute flower girl’s mini rose bouquet.  A little sprig of silvery green Eucalyptus and tied with a sheer ivory Organza with stems showing.


Nikki shared so many visual ideas with me, it was a treat and a delight. A red, white and blue flower theme is a bold and brave vision to go for. For months Nikki collected a beautiful selection of vintage tablewear. Cups, saucers, cake stands, plates and jugs. Her vision was to have a selection of different types of tablewear on each of her reception tables, all with individual little floral creations on and in. We spent time agreeing the blooms and the colours we felt would go and thankfully Nikki and Jack gave me so much creative and artistic control over the arrangements. The vision for the reception room at the gorgeous Kirkley Hall was realised and it was a stunning moment to step back and see how the separate elements came together with a ‘WOW’.


Two big rooms, filled with light and energy! The red, white and blue worked. It really was everything that Nikki and Jack had dreamed of. Each table held it’s own little personal ‘creation’ of tablewear and flowers. Red roses, pink Peonies, blue Scabiosa, white and blue Hydrangea, raspberry Avalanche Roses, contrasting bunches of Sweet Pea, Matriarca Daisies, sweet red berries and fresh English Strawberries!

nikki-and-jack-table-cakestandThis really was Vintage England! As well as being visually stunning, the fragrance from each of the blooms and fruit was warm, sweet and fresh and brought a smile. Rather like the effect that Nikki has on you!

nikki-and-jack-table-cups-and-saucersAlthough Flemming and I never met Jack, we did speak to him a few times as he ordered flowers from us for Nikki’s opening night of one of her theatrical performances at the Theatre Royal. We didn’t need to meet him to know that he was a good and lovely man though, as any man who marries a woman like Nikki just has to be incredible (and lucky).

nikki-and-jack-holding-handsSo here’s to Nikki and Jack. A couple with so much energy, enthusiasm, humour and love which is so much greater than the sum of the parts. May you maintain that special love and energy and creativity for always! And thank you, for the honour of being involved in your beautiful and memorable day.

Thanks also to Wiesia of Little Miss Boyco Photography for the use of her beautiful images which have captured the beauty and personality of the lovely people and the day SO well x

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Getting it Wild and on the Right Wavelength

Sabrina emailed me in July 2013. Almost a year before her wedding date which was June 13th 2014. We began sharing ideas and images immediately and it took hardly any time at all before we had each other’s wavelength. We only spoke once on the telephone and we never met face to face until her wedding day. Yet when I look back on it now, I find it hard to believe that we never actually met in person until then as we developed such a bond in the 11 months leading up to the day. I believe that a good florist ‘gets’ her client and I really did ‘get’ Sabrina and I understood her ‘vision’ for her wedding. We communicated a lot, emailing and messaging. Sabrina shared with me all the textures and shades and ‘feel’ that she wanted for her day – it was a delight. It was easy to get glimpses of her sparkling and sweet personality through each little contact we had and by getting glimpses of her persona and her essence, it was easy to decide which flowers to choose for her and Richard, her fiance. The flowers would be youthful, gentle, hopeful and sweet. They would smell like spring time and new beginnings. Wild Flowers.


They would have a wild innocence about them and be loose and full of movement and dance. They will match the pale nude hue of the bridesmaid dresses and compliment the fine fabric and detail of Sabrina’s beautiful wedding dress. And they did. We were getting it wild and on the right wavelength.

bouquet-detail-02So, with Sabrina’s love of small daisies and with her vision clear in my mind, we chose a combination of sweet smelling and gorgeous blooms. We used Lavender which was sweetly scented and the scent went well with the gentle Stocks and Sweet William.


Matriarca Daisies and Astrantia smile together and make such good friends.

bouquets-montageBig wild Meadow daisies and strikingly blue Scabiosa. Pink and White Gypsophelia and fine green Eucalyptus. Wild yet gentle. Vibrant yet subdued. When I saw the flowers all together in the bouquet I thought to myself ‘This is Sabrina’. And I couldn’t wait to get there and show her. When I turned up at her house on her wedding day she was calm and collected and I was as nervous as hell!

brideWe had a few minutes with Sabrina’s family and friends at the house before we had to dash up to Matfen Hall to drop off the buttonholes and do the table arrangements. The house was busy (as wedding mornings tend to be!) and there was a lovely exciting ‘air’. Ladies having their hair and make up done, glasses of Bucks Fizz being clinked in celebration and anticipation. Beautiful dresses hanging up. Sabrina’s dad giving his car a final polish for his little girl’s big day. He was such a lovely man. Made us feel so welcome and we could tell he was so very proud and so excited. He raved about the flowers and we really warmed to him, as we did to the rest of the people at the house.  I gave Sabrina a hug and a kiss and wished her all the best and we were off to Matfen to drop off the buttonholes and corsages and do wonderful things with the venue. In the buttonholes we used Astrantia, Lavender, Scabiosa Pod, unflowered Scabiosa and Gypsophelia. We tied them with natural Jute for the men and organza for the women.

buttonholesThe Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the Brides bouquet. Which as you can see went really well with their gorgeous dresses and shoes. Each of the blooms on the day had a ‘link’ and a flow. From the Bride to the Groom, to the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen, to the Buttonholes and Corsages then onto the tables at the venue and even up on the mantelpiece in the Great Hall. Where Sabrina had collected little cut glass vases which we filled to the brim with wild meadowy flowers.

bridesmaidsOn the dining tables Sabrina had a beautiful collection of individual cut glass vases. Each one different to the next, of various patterns and sizes. It really gave a beautiful feel to the tables and created real individuality and flair. We spent a good few hours arranging the blooms in the vases, making each one special and with care. We decorated the mantelpiece with clouds of Gypsophelia. It was hard work getting the ‘natural look’. It’s harder than you might think. The end result was sublime. classy, elegant, youthful and wild, yet with a hint of English restraint, if that makes sense?


It was a brilliant day. I loved meeting Sabrina and her friends and family. They showed us real affection and made us feel very welcome. The staff at Matfen Hall were very accommodating and didn’t get too stressed out when we had their main hall in a chaotic flurry of flowers and petals. They patiently waited until we were done and tidied up after ourselves with a few minutes to spare. They allowed us to be creative and work the way we like to, so many thanks for that. I can’t thank Kay Vorster from enough for capturing such amazingly beautiful images from the day and allowing us to use them here and on our website. Kay you really ‘wow’d’ us, thank you!

And my thanks and love and very best wishes go to Sabrina and Richard. Thank you for letting me get your wavelength and for allowing me creative licence with your flowers. For letting me be a part of your wedding day and for trusting me to do the right thing. Thanks also for saying I was a ‘flower genius’, it really made me feel happy x


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Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour Wedding

Looking back on the weddings we have been involved with I remember Annie and Thomas’ big day. Here is my blog on what was a beautiful Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour wedding.
Wheelbirks Wedding Reception

From just a short phone call with Annie I was able to envision what kind of flowers she was after. The fact that the venue and reception were so ‘different’ from others said to me that this bride and groom wanted to bring their own individual personalities to their ceremony and celebration.
Married at the restored Victorian Railway Station ‘The Garden Station’and then reception at Wheelbirks Ice Cream Parlour in Stocksfield, Northumberland. You get an idea from the photographs here just how fitting their choices in venue were. How often do the words Railway Station and Ice Cream Parlour wedding get mentioned in the same sentence? Not often I bet.

Garden Station Wedding FlowersAnnie’s dress was an original 1950’s ‘Audrey Hepburn’ style which suited her perfectly. Her bouquet was loose and natural and with touches of yellow. Cream Avalanche Roses, White Lisianthus, Baby’s Breath and greenery. The bright yellow of the Craspedia adding a touch of difference and fun.

Vintage Wedding Bouquet, NewcastleThe red Hypericum berries and the yellow Solidago we carried through to the boutonnieres and corsages and gave a beautiful rustic and natural feel. Boutonnieres we tied with a natural Jute. As you can see it went very well against the navy blue of Thomas’ suit.

Wedding Flowers Newcastle - Groom buttonholeThomas was a very handsome groom and Annie a very beautiful bride.

annie-thomas-wedding-05Annie told me after the wedding that they were able to take pressings from the flowers on the day as a reminder.

One of the most memorable things from the day was working in one of the cow sheds at Wheelbirks while we made up the table arrangements. It was fun and certainly a  very different place to work. The staff at Wheelbirks were very friendly and helpful and served us some gorgeous cake and ice cream before we left.

Wedding Table Flowers, Wheelbirks Parlour

We were honoured to be a part of Annie and Thomas’s wedding day and we wish them both a beautiful, long and happy marriage together.

Garden Station Wedding FlowersGarden Station Wedding FlowersMany thanks to The Twins Weddings Photography for letting us use their beautiful images from the day.

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Wedding Flowers – The Mansion House in Jesmond

A beautiful wedding with beautiful people

Dawn first contacted us by email in November 2013. We had been recommended to her by one of her work colleagues. Almost all of our wedding work comes via recommendations which is good as there is already an element of trust and reputation established. People also have a good idea of the kind of work we do too, so there’s rarely any surprises when we begin to offer ‘creative suggestions’. After only a few ideas passed back and forth by email we had totally ‘got each other’ and the flowers we initially talked about in those few days stayed the flowers we used on her wedding day six months later in May 2014. Dawn by her own admittance, didn’t have much of a clue about what she wanted at first. She just wanted something ‘simple, pretty and in keeping with my colour scheme (navy blue)’. Dawn also wanted something hand-tied and ‘natural’. So I sent through a few suggestions and some images for her to see what she thought. Dawn and Simon were being married in the Mansion House in Jesmond. I’d heard about it but had never been there. I looked up some photographs online of the venue and was impressed. I loved the look of it, all stone built and aching with a reserved grandeur, tucked away down a leafy avenue in Jesmond in Newcastle. I couldn’t wait to have a look inside. Mansion House Jesmond May is good for flowers as it is spring time. It’s the month when the season really steps up a gear and the garden begins to bloom and winter can be forgotten. To achieve the simple, pretty and natural theme I pictured a delicate Waxflower, fresh herbs of Lavender and Rosemary. Simon the groom took a real interest in the flowers too and he liked the ‘green and herby’ ideas and liked the idea of a blue Thistle somewhere in the boutonnieres. On the idea of herbs and Lavender I began to think of the scents associated with special memories. I had just finished reading some research on how some scents can remain in our memories better and longer than images. I loved the idea that a wedding day could be remembered not just through the photographs taken on the day, but also the scent of the flowers on the day! Something you can never achieve from an image. So Stock was added to the list of possible flowers to use. That sweet and pretty scent from a Stock, that makes you close your eyes with a smile and a sigh. Yes, Stock is definitely going in. Now, what to use with a navy blue. Something, pretty, simple, natural and that ties in with the other blooms already on the list. Well, what else could there be, other than the bluest and most beautiful of Delphinium. Delphinium are graceful and detailed and can have the most intense of colour. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - DelphiniumsDawn and Simon had some wonderfully creative ideas for their reception tables. Both being academic and creative they decided to use their favourite old books tied up with string, as a little ‘set’. It had a meangingful and rustic element to it. With just a few blooms as used in the bride and bridesmaids bouquets in simple stylish glass bottles with the books, it had a lovely effect on the reception tables. Sometimes less is more and that was certainly the case here. With the odd petal and flower head lying on the table or a book there was a relaxed natural feel to everything. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers (table arrangements) There was such an ‘artistic element’ to the books and the flowers. It added real intrigue and originality to the ‘set’. Such individuality. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers (table arrangement)Dawn and Simon were delighted with their flowers on the day. Dawn’s bouquet was perfect for her. Both bride and bouquet were delicately beautiful. There was a sweetness about Dawn which was gentle and romantic and innocent. Colourful purity. The bouquet and the bride were made for each other. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding FlowersDawn’s bouquet was tied up with a navy lace and the bridesmaids’ with navy blue organza.

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets

The boutonnieres and corsages were as interesting and original as the people wearing them. All of what we used in these were present in the bouquets and on the tables so there was a ‘joined up’ feel to everything. A flow. The boutonnieres were described by one of the groomsmen as ‘very True Detective’. We took this as a compliment.

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - men's buttonholes

For a vivacious and interesting couple such as Dawn and Simon, these boutonnieres were just perfect. For the men we used the unopened buds of the Delphinium. Tied with a natural rustic jute. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - ladies corsages In the corsages we included Waxflower to match Dawn’s floral crown. To ‘feminize’ we used the flower of the Delphinium and small strands of Aster Daisy. Tied with fine navy organza.We had great fun on the day helping to pin them onto the family and guests. What a great bunch of people. So interesting and kind and complimentary. It was such a warm day (florists nightmare) so we invented our own little ‘aqua packs’ for the boutonnieres and corsages, to keep them fresh and alive. We were pleased with our ingenuity! Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - buttonhole and corsage Here you see the little ‘aqua packs’ we made to keep the boutonnieres and corsages fresh. Cute aren’t they? A few months before the wedding Dawn wondered if it would be possible to have something floral in her hair. We shared some ideas and in the end went for a beautiful handmade fresh Waxflower Crown. I initially made a mock-up and showed it to Dawn for her approval. It was important to get the right amount of flowers. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - waxflower crown I didn’t use the traditional method of wire and tape to create the floral crown as this can make the crown quite bulky and remove a lot of the delicate nature of the flowers. Instead I cut a flexible strand of Cotoneaster bush from our Cosmic Garden to the right length (Dawn had measured her head and sent me the measurements, I hear it caused quite a stir in her office at work when people saw her doing it). The growth on the Cotoneaster is thin, long and flexible and worked as a wonderful crown base. Dawn loved it and it suited her so very well! As you can see. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - waxflower crown The staff at the Mansion House in Jesmond were brilliant. They gave us our own space to arrange the flowers on the tables and get things set up. Bobby the manager and his excellent team could not have been more accommodating and professional. In the morning when Flemming went early to deliver Dawn’s Waxflower Crown to her, Bobby took the time and showed him round the Mansion House. The Mansion House in Jesmond is a wonderful venue. What a great ‘feel’ it has to it. So old and stately but with a comforting feel of happiness and safety. If you have been there, or when you do go there, you will know exactly what I mean! When it came to us decorating the wedding cake of cheeses, the staff kindly showed us to the kitchens and let us stand in the middle of all of their busy preparations for an hour while we painstakingly placed individual flowers and blooms on each tier. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - decorated cheese wedding cakeAmazing right? So different and wonderful. It was an amazing experience for us to be Dawn and Simon’s wedding Florist. From our first initial emails all the way to the big day, it was a delight and a pleasure to work with them and get to know them. To be a part of their creativity and originality and to share some of the excitement and wonder of their important union and celebration. Their family and friends were so lovely too, so friendly and open and warm. In an email after the wedding, Dawn told me that someone had said her flowers were the best wedding flowers they had ever seen. We were so happy to hear that. Happy too, that Laura, one of Dawns bridesmaids is getting married next year and has chosen us to be her wedding Florist! We can’t wait for that. Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding FlowersSo here’s to Dawn and Simon and their lovely family and friends. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a special event. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people, in a very beautiful venue x

Thanks also to Dan at for allowing us to use some of your beautiful images!

Mansion House Jesmond, Wedding Flowers - bridal bouquet