Quirky Summer Sweetness & Vintage English Cute

I hope that one day everyone gets the chance to meet Nikki. She’s unforgettable and she is sweeter and cuter than a big box of kittens!

Nikki first contacted me in October 2013. She came across our website and liked how it seemed a ‘bit different’ to other florists and so she got in touch. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I loved sharing ideas and images with her for the 10 months leading up to her wedding in early August 2014.


We met early in the new year at the Marriott in Gosforth. My first sight of Nikki was her sipping from the most enormous mug of hot chocolate which was towering with cream and marshmallows! A huge beaming smile on her lovely bright face. The epitome of sweetness and delight. The reason I say that I hope you get to meet Nikki is because she has this beaming smile on her face all of the time and it makes you automatically smile back in return! She radiates happiness and energy in the most beautiful way. That first meeting was such a happy buzz and the idea of reds, whites and blues with a quirky vintage English feel was a challenge we decided we would not only meet but exceed!


Nikki’s wedding dress was House of Mooshki and was just MADE for her. It was classy, stylish, sweet and stunning. There was no better wedding dress ever for a bride. Her gorgeous bridesmaids wore the palest of blue in a soft flowing fabric. Nikki always said she wanted the reddest and most perfect of roses in her bride bouquet, with a little green. We worked together on the shape of her bouquet – how it should be almost ‘formal’ but not quite. How it should have a little quirky something else to it. Flemming and I managed to source the most amazing Naomi Roses which we conditioned and attended to for a good few days before Nikki’s wedding. We gave them food and water and space in the studio so that they would be in full bloom or ‘blown’ as we Florists call it. It was like looking after a new born baby! Checking every couple of hours to make sure the roses were ok and opening up and the right temperature. It’s been a warm summer and although this is wonderful for wedding days – it’s not brilliant for the Florist who needs to keep the blooms at a nice cool temperature.


Nikki chose white and also pale blue Hydrangea, fully blown Ivory Peony and Raspberry two-tone Avalanche Roses for her bridesmaids. The effect was beautifully understated and complimented the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. They also contrasted wonderfully with Nikki’s stunning red rose bouquet and with her cute flower girl’s mini rose bouquet.  A little sprig of silvery green Eucalyptus and tied with a sheer ivory Organza with stems showing.


Nikki shared so many visual ideas with me, it was a treat and a delight. A red, white and blue flower theme is a bold and brave vision to go for. For months Nikki collected a beautiful selection of vintage tablewear. Cups, saucers, cake stands, plates and jugs. Her vision was to have a selection of different types of tablewear on each of her reception tables, all with individual little floral creations on and in. We spent time agreeing the blooms and the colours we felt would go and thankfully Nikki and Jack gave me so much creative and artistic control over the arrangements. The vision for the reception room at the gorgeous Kirkley Hall was realised and it was a stunning moment to step back and see how the separate elements came together with a ‘WOW’.


Two big rooms, filled with light and energy! The red, white and blue worked. It really was everything that Nikki and Jack had dreamed of. Each table held it’s own little personal ‘creation’ of tablewear and flowers. Red roses, pink Peonies, blue Scabiosa, white and blue Hydrangea, raspberry Avalanche Roses, contrasting bunches of Sweet Pea, Matriarca Daisies, sweet red berries and fresh English Strawberries!

nikki-and-jack-table-cakestandThis really was Vintage England! As well as being visually stunning, the fragrance from each of the blooms and fruit was warm, sweet and fresh and brought a smile. Rather like the effect that Nikki has on you!

nikki-and-jack-table-cups-and-saucersAlthough Flemming and I never met Jack, we did speak to him a few times as he ordered flowers from us for Nikki’s opening night of one of her theatrical performances at the Theatre Royal. We didn’t need to meet him to know that he was a good and lovely man though, as any man who marries a woman like Nikki just has to be incredible (and lucky).

nikki-and-jack-holding-handsSo here’s to Nikki and Jack. A couple with so much energy, enthusiasm, humour and love which is so much greater than the sum of the parts. May you maintain that special love and energy and creativity for always! And thank you, for the honour of being involved in your beautiful and memorable day.

Thanks also to Wiesia of Little Miss Boyco Photography for the use of her beautiful images which have captured the beauty and personality of the lovely people and the day SO well x

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