Steph & Ted’s Cool and Arty Wedding Day

Cool Couple – Steph & Ted at the Laing Art Gallery

A wedding at the Laing Art Gallery

When I heard that Steph and Ted’s wedding ceremony was going to be at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle I knew I would love working with them for their wedding flowers as Art was my passion before flowers were. I studied art in Newcastle College of Art and then at Leeds Polytechnic (back before it was all done on computers) and so to have my artistic creations in the same room as some of my great artist heros was such a buzz for me.

Individual hair florals for the maids

Lovely to work with

Steph was a dream to work with because her communications with me were always up-beat and excited. I couldn’t help but be affected in the nicest way by her friendliness and enthusiasm. She expressed her vision very well to me and also gave me quite a bit of creative reign which I appreciated very much as it shows real trust from a client. Steph was excellent at portraying visual concepts in her words as well as sharing actual visuals with me.

Unusual and pretty hair florals for Steph and her maids

With a love of foliage and succulents and a favourite colour of green, it was refreshing to take ideas forward with Steph, who by her own admittance didn’t know much about flowers yet had a great eye for picking out interesting floral styles that appealed to her. She was a florist’s dream and owned such style and a very cool edge to everything she liked. And as a result our creative journey was such good fun for us both.

Bridesmaid hair florals

Steph first contacted me in September 2015 which was almost a year before her wedding. The more we communicated, the more we got to know each other better. Steph and Ted got engaged at Glastonbury in 2015 and knowing this made me realise that they were a cool couple with a love of music and a sense of adventure and romance and they were.

Steph and her bouquet in the wedding car

Brilliant Photography

Vikki Kate at Tawny Photography was their photographer for the day and ‘amazing’ does not come close to describing her work. Vikki Kate has an element to her photography that combines depth and poetry with a  hint of beauty and intrigue. She really is someone to watch out for. I got to know Vikki Kate through this wedding and she has commissioned me to work as her own Wedding Florist this September 2017 therefore I am truly honoured.

The Ceremony. William Holman Hunt and Cosmic Flower Shop in the same room

It was immense fun creating the floral piece for the ceremony room because it was right in front one of my favourite paintings by William Holman Hunt – ‘Isabella and the pot of basil’. I actually designed this ceremony floral to compliment this painting and work with the rest of Steph and Ted’s flowers.

Morning of the Wedding and everyone is excited by their flowers

Thank You

Lastly, not only were Steph and Ted lovely to work with, their family and friends were amazing people too. I think nice people attract nice people. In the room at Mal Maison on the morning of the wedding when we went to deliver the flowers, the atmosphere was electric and full of happiness and love and smiles. What an amazing culmination of our journey. There were real tears of happiness that morning. I won’t ever forget Steph and Ted’s totally cool and very beautiful wedding. I am so very thankful. Thank you, thank you x

Big hugs