Two Brides and a Lighthouse

It was purely by chance that we were able to help Amy and Thea with their wedding flowers. Flemming and I had tried to book ourselves a relaxing weekend away by the sea during August but we couldn’t find anything. So just when we were wondering what we should do and were feeling a little despondent about having a prime weekend free in August, I got an email from Amy asking if we were free to be her wedding Florist on that exact weekend! When she explained that the ceremony was taking place in St Mary’s Lighthouse and the reception would be overlooking the sea, I said a big YES. I saw it as a sign! We had kept that weekend free in the hope of spending some time by the sea and sure enough, here it was happening. Not quite how we had imagined it, as it was a million times more fun.


So much care and consideration had already gone into the planning of Amy and Thea’s wedding before I became involved with the flowers. They had thoughtfully sought special items that reflected their individuality and own personalities. They chose their rings, their dresses, their cars, ribbons, shoes and other unique and important¬†details with a focus and clarity I had not seen many times before. Every beautiful, colourful thing and idea they shared with me through images. It was a delight. I never met them until the day of their wedding but because they had shared so many visuals with me, I felt I knew them well a long time before.


Amy had a firm idea of how she wanted the bouquets to look. She hoped for Succulents along with Peony and Roses. Colour, texture, difference and youth. They were to be similar but different. This was a challenge I couldn’t refuse. I had never worked with Succulents in a bouquet before as they have no stems. They just sit atop the earth like Cactus do. So, I set to work. First of all finding the right sized Succulents proved interesting. The actual ‘head’ of a succulent ranges from a small golf ball size to a large hand size. I needed something in between if it were to match the other blooms in the bouquet. I had no idea at that point how I would actually combine it into the bouquets since there was no stem, I just HAD to find the Succulents first. A grower in Yorkshire had just what I was after so I drove down to pick them up. They were perfect! I ended up buying a tray of 24 of them and I’m growing the ones I didn’t use in the bouquets in the Cosmic Garden! Just in case I need them again next year.


So then I set about experimenting how to create a stem for a Succulent so that it could be used in a bouquet. I tried natural stems to begin with but the flower glue didn’t want to work with this method. It stuck a bit, but not enough to make me feel certain that it wouldn’t come flying off during the ceremony or during the photographs! In the end I found the perfect solution but I’m keeping it a closely guarded secret as it took me so long to find it. I think I will patent it haha.

When I found out that Katie Byram was the photographer I was so excited! I knew that these 2 Bride Bouquets were going to be something else and I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s images of them. I had been right to be excited about seeing the photographs. Amazing!

The gorgeous brightly coloured ribbons used are what Amy and Thea chose themselves. They went so well with the flowers and with everything else. These two women have a very creative eye and you can see from the photographs that everything they chose for their wedding day was stunning, original and WOW!


I’m so pleased that I didn’t get booked up to go away the weekend that Amy and Thea were married as I would never have got to know them and help be a part of what was such a happy and colourful and beautiful day. Two beautiful women, inside and out. May your lives together always be filled with those special elements of colour and joy and fun and may your love grow ever deep and transcend the sea itself.


Many thanks to the amazing Katie Byram for taking such gorgeous photographs of the flowers and for allowing me to use them. You captured a beautiful day, thank you x

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