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Wedding Flowers

We have earned a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations and giving a first-class wedding flowers service.

If you like looking at pictures there are plenty here (of our work!) and if you prefer words then scroll down, there’s lots to read below the pictures…

Are We The Right Florist For You?

We enjoy our happy, simple and ethical life here at Cosmic Flower Shop. We are natural, time-served and qualified creatives with a very strong work ethic. We will never compromise our high standards by allowing ourselves to be overworked or stressed. We do not take on more than we can creatively manage. Creativity needs space and time and thought. That’s what we give you, over and above any other wedding florist in Newcastle. This way, we deliver a truly personal and honest, inspired service - one that is perfect for you. This is our promise to you.

So, how will you know if we are your 'sort' of Florist? Look at the list of words in the next sentence and if any one or more of them reflect you and or the type of wedding you are hoping to have, then we are probably going to be a good fit for you.

Rustic, Eclectic, Vintage, Different, Bohemian, Colourful, Arty, Sophisticated, Creative, Festival, Musical, Contemporary, Distinctive, Free-Spirited, Dramatic, Imaginitive, Cultured, Poetic, Refined, Stylish, Tasteful, Theatrical, Vivid, Exciting.

Our reputation means we get booked up very quickly and often have to turn people down, which we don't like doing but we enjoy the simple way we live and work and don't want to change that.

We hope to meet you and if we don't, we wish you the best of all good things for your wedding day and love and happiness in your future.

Sue and the team

How Does the Consultation Process Work?

photo of Sue Shone - Cosmic Flower ShopIt works like this: Get in touch with Sue and immediately you can begin to share ideas, visions, colours, textures and themes. If you don't know where to begin, don't worry as Sue will take you through every step of the thought processes involved in creating the perfect flowers for your day. It's very simple and enjoyable.

Can We Meet For a Face-To-Face Consultation?

There's no need to do this. Sue is expert at picking up your ideas and visions from emails and photographs you share with her.

All you need to do is send as much information as you can to Sue and she will make suggestions based on this and will send you through a quotation. The more information Sue has, the more realistic the quote can be. We receive around 10 wedding flower enquiries every day and it is not practical for us to meet everyone who wants to (even though we would love to be able to).

We often have the dificult task of choosing between a number of couples and we base our decision on what feels 'right' for us. We do not automatically choose the couple who have the biggest wedding flower budget. Instead, we choose the couple who we feel we can work with the best and whose wedding flowers we feel will be a creative challenge and rewarding for us in non-financial ways.

We realise that this may sound alien to a lot of couples as many of you have 'tick lists' and on that list 'meeting the florist' is often one of the things you need to 'tick off' so you understand your progression towards your big day. There's no need to meet us before we decide if we can work together. A few exchanges of emails and images is all it takes for us to know if we are the right florist for you.

How Do I Book You?

If you’re determined to have the best flowers for your wedding you need to contact us immediately using the link below to find out whether we are available for your wedding day! Give us as much information as you can - go into real detail and do your very best to persuade us that we should be your wedding florist!

Please bear in mind that we get dozens of wedding enquiries every day. We endeavour to reply to everyone who gets in touch with us within a week. If you don't hear back from us within 7 days it is most likely because we are already booked up for your wedding date, or we are just 'snowed under' with enquiries, sorry!

Our Wedding Gift To You...

Weddings can be costly. There's no doubt about that. The venue, the photographer, food, outfits, drinks, well the list can be long and expensive. To spend lavishly on some things and not on your flowers doesn't make a good balance. The last thing you would want to do is 'cheapen' your venue or outfits by cutting corners on the flowers. Your flowers will be in almost all of your photographs and will be remembered for many years. It's unlikely that the food and drinks will be in your wedding photo's, but your flowers will.

Here at Cosmic Flower Shop we want you to have the very best Florist (us) which is why we offer all of our wedding clients an 'Easy Payment Plan', where you can spread the cost of your flowers over a length of time that suits you and your budget. It's interest free of course. So you CAN get exactly what you want AND be able to afford the VERY BEST.

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